About Us

All Things Kaps, LLC is a Kreative and Printing Service that was established in 2019. ATK specializes in three areas: apparel, graduation cap design and personalized products. Our goal is to help customers celebrate any occasion or holiday with the best personalized gift. In addition, businesses have the opportunity to promote their brand through customized products. Kimberly, Owner & CEO of ATK began creating decorative caps for friends and family and over time made plans to begin her journey as an entrepreneur. Since then ATK has expanded to a wide variety of printed apparel for Birthdays, Graduations, Businesses and more.

Overtime our customers have allowed us to see how much our professionalism and character truly show through various products. We differentiate by taking the time to have neat packaging, tailoring custom orders to the consumers personality, creating unique designs, choosing quality apparel and other products.

In 2021, we started the ATK Gives Back initiative where we give school supplies to the community. At our first school supply giveaway we successfully handed out 100 bagged supplies in Brooklyn, NY. With the assistance of 12 volunteers and two sponsors we were able to secure various donations and supplies. In 2022, we handed out 150 book bags filled with school supplies with the assistance of 22 volunteers. The best part of the experience is that we had the chance to pray with families for guidance and protection in the upcoming school year. 

Kimberly hopes that by the year 2027, ATK will grow in four main areas: revenue, capacity, community service and employees. She aims to have an inventory space in New York that can host products for ATK and other businesses that need the capacity to operate. Create a co-working space that will also be a studio for all social media content needs for the small business community. Increase our community service programs like the Back to School Giveaway and Care Kits. Finally, the most valuable part of the company, employees, will increase. She plans to have at least seven full-time employees to assist in the day to day operations.